Portable Lighthouse System (PLS)

Museu d’Art Contemporani Vicente Aguilera Cerni (MACVAC).

Vilafamés, Castelló, September 2022.

It is probably not the most common thing to discover a lighthouse on top of one of Castelló’s inland villages. Close to the sea, but too far from it at the same time, hidden between mountains, invisible to any sailor’s sight, distant from its fellows. What is that lighthouse doing there?

For many centuries, lighthouse’s identity has been undoubtedly tied to the sea, where, still nowadays, they perform a task of vital resiliency and permanence. Designed to withstand huge rainstorms and any kind of atmospheric conditions, lighthouses provide with their light beam a safe reference to any sailor in the ocean, while becoming on mainland an everlasting icon for endurance and protection for uncountable generations.

Together with the displayed pieces in dialogue with the museum’s permanent collection, MACVACS’s lighthouse settles a correspondence with its analogous on the coast in order to place museums as a reference point in a society that shows itself as brave and ambitious, despite it is still full of inequalities, many times lacking reflection, auto criticism and encounter. Precisely against these stigmas, 50 years ago the museum opened its doors for the first time so that today can host the sparkle of this lighthouse.

All images by Montse Pinel.

Eó – Iterative Pulling System (IPS)

Off LlumBCN 2023 Light Festival.

Barcelona, 4 – 6 February 2023.

Eó is a light installation that immerses the viewer in an interval of beauty within an indefinite and uncountable period of time. The Bova’s seeds expand into a fragile state of weightlessness at the sound of silence and generate a dance of floating particles that dissolve into darkness. Halogen lights guide and illuminate them, slowly revealing them to our eye in total darkness.

Iterative Pulling System uses an eccentric radius, engines and pulleys.

Project as a collaborator for Estudi Antoni Arola in the Off LlumBCN 2023 festival.

All images by Héctor Milla and Estudi Antoni Arola.

Refractive Dispersion System (RDS)

Museu d’Art Contemporani Vicente Aguilera Cerni (MACVAC).

Vilafamés, Castelló, September 2022.

Deliberately conceived as a trial-and-error platform, Refractive Dispersion System (RDS) is a test bench for the analysis of how light interacts with any material surface. A precise adjustment of distances between light spot, surface and lens is deeply needed for the last one to obtain a clear image on how light exits the material surface, this being the main reason for the system’s high modularity.

Light Meets Chocolate

Llum BCN 2022.

Barcelona, February 2022.

Light Meets Chocolate is a performative installation in which light is used to melt chocolate so that visitors can taste it during the performance. 

The old association between light and heat takes place in this piece where, with the help of time, one can observe how light is able to affect matter through its caloric potential. In this sense, chocolate properties as a material become deeply interesting, not only because of its melting capacity but also because of its gastronomic role.

Light Meets Chocolate is presented in two complementary formats: The main installation -ChocoCarrousel- and two autonomous melting points, called ChocoCarts.

Project as a collaborator with Jordi Canudas Studio.

All images by José Hevia.

Lamp miscellany

Museu d’Art Contemporani Vicente Aguilera Cerni (MACVAC).

Vilafamés, Castelló, September 2022.

Group of light divertimentos displayed at MACVAC in occasion of its 50th anniversary exhibition. These installations were placed in dialogue with some pieces of the museum’s permanent collection, which includes works by J.M. Subirachs, D. Hockney, P. Picasso, M. Barceló and A. Warhol, among others.

All images by Montse Pinel.


Estudi Josep Poblet.

Barcelona, November 2022.

Boia is a light developed to bring warmth and comfort to any space. It is designed to be placed anywhere: standing on the floor, on a chair, hanging from the ceiling or from a nail on the wall. Boia invites the user to move it around, bringing light and new possibilities to any location at home.

Regarding its construction, Boia is an exercice of simplicity that enjoys displaying the different pieces it is made of: a paper screen, a plexiglass structure and some zip ties to put it all together.

Archive miscellany

Estudi Josep Poblet.

Barcelona, 2020 – 2021.

Research and minor projects mostly developed during the Covid 19 pandemic.

AA01 Lamp

ELISAVA – La Capell.

Barcelona, June 2021.

AA01 lamp is born at the intersection of visual lightness, the ability to create a warm environment and a commitment to usability. Steel, iron and paper are found together in a light spot that can be adjusted in height (we run it up and down the vertical rod and it stays locked where we leave it) allowing the user to modify the emitted light depending on the environment, situation and time of day.